Hello and good morning! I went to bed at a ridiculously early hour last night – 7pm. In my jammies, glass of vino in hand, scouring the net until 9pm and then….OUT. Out like a light. I guess I needed a little extra beauty sleep.

My weekend was fabulous. I went to see Sinister on Friday night which proved to be scary beyond reason. When I got home, I kept hearing noises around my apartment (which proved, naturally, to be nothing). That movie got to me! On Sunday, I headed to my bestie’s new house to help paint some cabinets. Her gentleman toddler, Nikko (I swear this kid has charm to spare), showed me around the new digs and gave me a nickname…Neem Neem. Oh my goodness! Don’t I look like a Neem Neem? Yes. I do. Love that kid. And his baby sister was just a sweetheart smiling up a storm.

So all in all, I had a GREAT weekend! I hope yours was just as lovely!

And now Monday has arrived. Hello, Monday. I’m kind of wishing I was hunkering down in this bed reading The Hobbit.  Don’t you?


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